Vehicle of Interest (VOI)

Ensuring that your car park management system is enforcing restrictions and generating revenue are two core objectives for all clients. However, a third significant aspect is now required by many companies in the fight against crime – security – an area in which Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology plays a crucial role.

In response to this growing demand, Highview Parking’s sister company, Ranger Services Ltd, has developed a Vehicle of Interest (VOI) system which alerts assigned recipients, via text message or e-mail (including an image of the vehicle), of the arrival and departure of pre-listed problem vehicles. Using ANPR – which details all car park movements including vehicle count, average staying times, and staff and customer usage – a site manager can easily identify and then prevent persistent problem vehicles from using the site. The assigned recipients can then take the appropriate course of action required to deal with the vehicle and the individuals presenting a threat to their site or customers.

Dealing with the threat

The VOI system has been and continues to be actively used by service stations and motorway eateries across the UK, as part of their security strategy. One such client experienced a series of robberies from its on site gaming machines. In response it generated a VOI list on which suspected vehicles were put. Generating a VOI list ensured that when any listed vehicle appeared on site, both the Police and site were immediately alerted. This allowed for close monitoring of the individuals associated with the vehicle, so as to prevent any criminal or anti-social behaviour.

24-hour surveillance

As part of the VOI system our cameras provide 24-hour, 365-day-a-year surveillance and alerting. Unlike regular CCTV, ANPR cameras capture images of a vehicle and digitally read its number plate as it passes a particular location. Our cameras can identify a number plate every second, on vehicles travelling at speeds of up to 100mph and in just about any weather conditions (including at night and in the rain).

Supporting Police investigations

As well as securing a car park and its wider site, vicinity footage collected by the ANPR cameras has been used to provide evidence for Police enquiries. Highview Parking works very closely with Police forces across the UK, providing them with access to our VOI system and setting up vehicle alerts. These VOI images have been used on various occasions to help enquiries regarding the whereabouts of an individual or vehicle at a particular time, thus helping the Police secure arrests and subsequent convictions.

Thames Valley Police recently thanked Highview Parking for our “invaluable support” which “required scrutiny of your ANPR cameras. As a result, the vehicle suspected of being involved with the investigation was finally located, and the offenders arrested. Without your assistance, we would not have been able to identify a potential offending vehicle as quickly as we did.”