System Maintenance Support

A 24-hour camera controlled car park management system can be a highly effective method through which to meet a client’s requirements for ensuring compliance with parking restrictions, generating revenue, and keeping a site safe and secure.

The high-tech nature of the system, combined with the constant monitoring functionality it provides, means that uptime is critical, as every minute that the system is not performing to its maximum potentially results in the car park losing revenue. Additionally, its safety and security could be compromised.

As part of Highview Parkings managed service and commitment to our customers, we provide the highest level of system monitoring and maintenance support. This gives clients peace of mind and the assurance that their car park system will be constantly monitored and addressed, should technical issues arise.

Working to strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs), our system monitoring and maintenance support network can respond to software or hardware issues promptly, to ensure systems experience as little downtime as possible, and that full coverage is returned quickly.

Monitoring and Technical Support

We take great pride in our positive monitoring record for all our clients. Our dedicated first line helpdesk team monitors all client systems on a daily basis, using software which is installed on the client system to note any anomalies in the data being recorded, or hardware and software issues. Depending on the nature and complexity of the issue, it can be escalated to second or third line specialists, who will co-ordinate with the affected client site to resolve.

Expert Engineering Network

If an issue cannot be resolved remotely, and requires a site visit, Highview Parking can dispatch specialist engineers anywhere in the UK on the same day for business-critical issues, ensuring that the affected hardware is fixed and operational as quickly as possible.

With such system monitoring and maintenance support facilities in place, Highview Parking can provide every client with the assurance they require to have a fully operational camera controlled car park management system at all times.