Permit Management

Web-based Permit Portal

With a successful car parking management system in place, ensuring compliance with parking restrictions and generating revenue are two key objectives. However, managing the resulting workload – such as issuing permits, processing payments, and administering charges – can be a significant challenge, and a burden on a receptionist or the office, store, or site manager.

Highview Parking provides clients with a web-based portal, through which details of the permits associated with their individual or multiple sites can be viewed, and consequently amend the list of authorised vehicles. This gives tenants and site owners the ability to manage their own lists of authorised vehicles, while the client continues to maintain full visibility and control of their car park to ensure it is not abused.

Permit Console

Linked to the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system on site, Highview Parking’s permit console system displays images of the vehicles arriving in the car park, which drivers then use to identify their vehicle on screen. This concept was developed in response to a growing problem of motorists not being able to recall their full number plates, and overcomes the need to display a ticket or a badge in the windscreen. The touchscreen console, which uses software produced in-house by Highview Parking’s cutting-edge IT development team, can be branded with the client’s logo, and changes to pricing structures can be managed remotely.

Amongst the major brands using this solution with great success is Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket chain, with more than 350 of its stores benefiting from our product. The touchscreen permit console is located on the customer-service desk or staff reception. Upon arriving in-store, anyone with a permit inputs their registration number into the console which then generates a photograph of the vehicle and confirms validation.

Permits are used for:

  1. Authorised visitors
  2. Authorised staff
  3. Product delivery vehicles

The permit console is also widely used with two leading UK chains of motorway service stations. The company uses them, amongst other things, for taking parking payments. This mostly relates to people staying in the car park for over two hours, such as lorry drivers taking mandatory breaks or staying overnight.

Authorised personnel can also have the option to register their vehicles via email, phone, fax, or text message.