Case Study: Parking Revenue for Private Landowner

Taking pieces of undeveloped land which were already being used as impromptu car parks, Highview Parking was asked to implement a solution that enabled the landowner to generate income through parking, while still allowing drivers to benefit from both locations’ close proximity to town centres.


One of our clients is a landowner with a property footprint across the UK. While some of his sites were developed and managed well, others were undeveloped and poorly maintained.

He discovered that motorists regularly parked on two of these sites, in order to use nearby facilities, with both locations often fully occupied.

The client was therefore seeking a way of generating revenue from these undeveloped plots of land – which were located close to town centres – by turning them into car parks. He consequently approached Highview Parking for advice on the best way to maximise revenue.


Highview Parking initially presented our client with several enforcement options, all using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR):

  1. Preserving the car park for paid-permit holders only. We would combine our ANPR system with a variety of mediums for payment including pay-by-phone, as well as allowing customers to purchase payment in advance via phone or web.
  2. Introducing a 30-minute time limit on free parking, to allow for deliveries or short stops, with enforcement for vehicles staying for a greater duration.
  3. Setting an hourly parking tariff for all customers, with a variety of payment mediums

(as above), as well as the option of either a regular Pay and Display machine or our ANPR- linked machine which allows customers to pay without the need to display, by identifying their vehicle on the machine through picking the relevant photograph.

The client chose a combination of options one and two, enabling him to generate revenue through three avenues: selling authorised permits; selling tickets for people staying longer than 30 minutes; and issuing Parking Charge Notices (PCN) for unauthorised parking.

Value Delivered

As a result of the new measures, the landowner was able to regain full control of the sites at all times, as well as generate revenue. In the first two months following installation of the new system the client received £20,000 income from unauthorised parking alone.

Additionally, and uniquely, the transparent nature of Highview Parking’s financial reporting gave the client total confidence before, during, and after the installation that the solution would be tailored to his specific requirements.

At the outset, Highview Parking clearly stated the cost and recovery charges for the client. Therefore, the flexibility of finance options offered upfront ensured that both the landowner and Highview Parking were happy with the terms, and that he would not be tied into a long-term deal if the financial targets were not met.

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